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AR1688 Software 0.55 Test Build
Software download (zipped files):
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Dec 18, 2011 AR168M VoIP module 0.55.017 SIP Chinese
API 0.55.017 updated on Dec 18, 2011.
API 0.55.015 updated on Dec 5, 2011.
0.55 changes
1. Fixed UNICODE message display bug for tools in C:\sdcc\bin.
2. Improved hex2bin.exe debug information output.
3. Added OEM_UART support for AR168G/GP1266/GP2266 IP phones for users to use those IP phones to test AR168M VoIP module functions.
4. Alex added sending text messages of type SIP_REQ_MESSAGE.
5. Added STATxxx status report command in VoIP module high level UI protocols.
Known problem: French version display error, other language except English and Chinese might have errors too.