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AT320 IP Phone
ATCOM replaced AT323 IP phone with this new model in 2005, still using our standard reference design.
Today ATCOM is still shipping IP phones with this phone case, but not based on Palmmicro solution any more.
Web manual: SIP IAX2 H323 MGCP. Menu manual: SIP IAX2 H323 MGCP. Telnet manual: SIP IAX2 H323 MGCP.
AT320 IP phone uses standard PA168S software. Large
Back. Large
Back end. Large
PCB. Large
PCB special. Large
Above pictures taken by John Shephard.
Karoly sent us the following pictures of his Datavox IP-200, which is the same phone with a different name.
He found that the speed dial buttons do not work, which is true, they are simply mapped as digit 0-9 in hardware.
The complete number printed on the MX29LV008T flash chip is the following:
MX E055019