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eHOG/WUC-GW202 1-port FXS Gateway
We believe this eHOG/WUC-GW202 1-port FXS gateway is made by 5111soft, who also manufactured 5111PHONE, PINGHE and HOP3003 IP phones. But its hardware is different from any of our standard reference design. It is still a mystery for us.
Outlook. Large
PA1688 eHOG 1-port FXS gateway outlook.
PCB. It used the same Davicom ethernet switch chip DM9081F 0449-AS F0F23 which can be found in 5111PHONE IP phone. The flash marks MXe042051 29lv008ttc-90 2f45270084 taiwan. Large
PA1688 eHOG 1-port FXS gateway internal PCB.
Above pictures taken by 在路上.