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Chip Name and Board Name
Oct 14, 2006
It is 6 years from first PA1688 chip ready to its end of life in 2006, and some of the most frequently asked questions were related with chip name and board name. Someone would tell us, "My IP phone had a PA1688PQ chip inside it, please give me the update firmware". Some others would like to know how many chips we are selling instead. The repeated answer is, we have only one PA1688 chip, based on the chip, there are different hardware reference designs like PA168S IP phone, PA168V 1-port FXS gateway. The chip name is always PA1688, and PA168S, PA168V are board names. With the only PA1688, there are different firmware for different reference design board.
Now it is the same with AR1688. Based on the only one AR1688 chip, we are having different hardware reference designs and our customers will have different customized boards as well. The following are going to be available in the market in a short time, each has different upgrade firmware.
1. AR168F standard IP phone reference design with 29 keys
2. YWH201 IP phone from Yuxin, mostly based on AR168F
3. GF302 IP phone from High-link, mostly based on AR168F
The PA1688 "no check" in "debug" option is no longer available in AR1688. With so many failure stories and support efforts on PA1688 in the past years, we now know it is a very bad idea to upgrade a device without any check, although it may help to debug in early stage development. Now in AR1688, upgrade files are all strictly checked before it is written to program flash without any exception.

Comments for this page:

raulito_788@hotmail.composted on 2014-04-21 19:16:40
como configurar telefono ip AR1688. en modo iax2 en asterisk ya que no me permite la configuracion!

Woodyposted on 2014-04-21 19:23:53
You can find AR1688 IAX2 reference settings in this page.

raulito_788@hotmail.composted on 2014-06-12 06:53:49
Hola buenas noches tengo una duda.Configure telefono ip en modo IAX2 con asterisk.
Puedo realizar llamadas entre extensiones y a las PSTN, pero cuando entra una llamada la contesto y requiere transferirla a otra extension presiono "enlace" me contestan a la extension (XX) pero para que se quede la extension (XX) no me permite transferirla con el boton de transfer, de igual forma presiono # pero solo me menciona transferir pero nunca puedo realizar una transferencia correcta

Como puedo realizar transferencia de una llamada en 2 pasos con el telefono ip ARF1688F ywh201---

Woodyposted on 2014-06-12 07:44:21
We have not tested IAX2 software for a long time now. What software version are yoo using? Please test with current 0.62.

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