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GP1266 or AR168G?
Sep 3, 2007
Digitmat used same phone case for GP1266 and AR168G(GP1260) IP phones. Because of different hardware design, the 2 IP phones can not use the same firmware to upgrade. GP1266 use upgrade files like "gp1266_sip_us_018000.bin" and AR168G(GP1260) use files like "ar168g_iax2_us_018000.bin". It does not matter when you try to upgrade one phone with another's firmware, web interface will tell you upgrade failed, and TFTP command line update will go very fast, about 9 seconds, while a normal update takes about 24 seconds.
There are a lot of methods to decide which hardware type it is, the most easy way is to check the back light when you pick up: GP1266 uses green back light, and AR168G(GP1260) uses blue back light.

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