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Acoustic Echo Cancellation
Apr 17, 2009
For many years AR1688 and PA1688 based IP phones do not have speaker phone function. This is a major reason that we are considered as a low-end VoIP device designer. Finally in this month, we will release the first version of AEC running on AR1688 with 0.44 software. With this version, users will be able to use speaker phone with G.711. Although this first version can not work as good as those from GIPS yet, we have confidence to improve it in later software versions.
The new AEC can work with all current AR1688 based device. However the quality will vary a lot with different products. The major reason is that most of our old speaker phone hardware is not well designed to ensure the linear gain requirement of current AEC algorithm when output becomes louder. Users need to test and set the speaker output to a proper value in order to make sure the AEC algorithm will work in the way it is designed.
We have also added a new "Ring Volume" option to help to use the speaker phone function more easily. "Ring Volume" can be set at higher value like 31 to ensure the incoming ring is loud enough. While the original "Speaker Output" can be set at a lower level like around 20 to make sure the AEC algorithm can work in good linear status.

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