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No Proprietary Forks
July 15, 2010
I read the email about commercial licensing for x264 the day before yesterday, it said about no proprietary forks twice. I really love those people, not only because they are doing a great job, but also the working style of them.
We never support proprietary forks neither, it is well-known and heavily complained that we always ask user to upgrade to the most recent steady version, before we do any technical support.
To always keep only one version, we sometimes need to do roll backs, often unwillingly of course. A major roll back on AR1688 DSP works was done recently as users' test indicating unsteady working problems since 0.44. We had to use old 0.42 DSP code now in our 0.47 test version.
This roll back means the complete failure of our efforts on acoustic echo cancellation and de-jitter between 0.44 and 0.46 software version. We had to admit that we can only do a low-end VoIP job with AR1688, just as we did with PA1688. Hopefully our PA6488 solution can do a better job in the near future.

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