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Ten Years Plan
Feb 19, 2009
A customer asked if we can keep shipping current AR1688 for the next ten years. The answer is definitely "no". Ten years is too long for a chip's life circle. The only way to do a ten year product is to take the "last order" chance and place enough orders for the next ten years plan.
Actually ten years is also very long for a man's life. Looking back myself, ten years ago I only knew how to program under Windows and Dos. I joined the original Palmmicro founded by Dr Wang ten years ago in 1999 and began to do embedded software since then. During those years, Palmmicro became Centrality, Centrality merged into Sirf, and then Sirf merged into CSR, surprisingly, I am an UK company's share holder now.
Check how ten years can change a man, the larger picture was taken in 2008, and smaller in 1997:
Dinner after a half day walk in Beijing Olympic Park
My first digit photo taken at ESS office in Fremont

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