Technology Matters

Nov 12, 2011
Buying the stock of Actions Semiconductor in the past 6 years was one of the worst investment in my life, resulted huge financial loss, but I still keep an eye on it. Last week they announced CEO transition and sparked sell-off, and I added ACTS to my position again yesterday.
Because of his technology background, obviously most people do not believe the new CEO Dr.Zhenyu Zhou can improve the shrinking multimedia chip business. However, I believe Actions need strong technology leader since 3 years ago. Getting a right CEO from buying Mavrix Technology a year ago is a little late, but better than never.
For Dr Zhou himself, I also believe it is a better chance to lead the company to somewhere, instead of starting his own third company again some time later and sell it for the third time to a vanishing public company like ESS a few years later.
For myself, I do not like to repeat the company selling experiences of Dr Zhou and Dr Wang. And hope to bring Palmmicro all the way to the top by myself.
ACTS stock price from Jun 2006 to Nov 2011

Testing Stock PHP Code

Mar 28, 2016
Since I began writing the SZ162411 net value calculation software, I have been cleanning the PHP code all the time. A few days ago sent me a web checking report, reminded me that this stock related web page had quite some places to be optimized. I felt it is a good chance to test if I have separated the PHP stock code and UI code successfully. The following ACTS price is from related functions in \php\stock.php:
Symbol Price Change Date Time Remark
ACTS 2.14 0% -0-0 00:00 Actions Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

acts.txt(2018-02-19 01:41:35 Delete)

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