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A New PA168M Board Made in Iran
March 3, 2013
I was very surprised at an email I received last week. I was told that a new PA168M board was recently made in Iran, and the hard working engineer was asking how he could boot up the hardware.
I had completely forgotten all about PA168M at that time. After a few more emails, I finally got the whole story. This man downloaded the PA168M(PA168S) IP phone related files from our hardware page, bought all necessary chips from an irresponsible Chinese distributor, made the board and mounted all the chips. As both PA1688 and AR1688 solution need to program flash before manufacturing, it did not surprise me that it could not boot up.
I suggested the steps to follow:
1. In software 1.67 page, download the file Nov 13, 2011 PA168S IP phone 1.67.012 Safe Mode English. After upzip, it is in the name of page0.hex.
2. In the hardware programmer, it should have utility to convert this page0.hex into a 64k bytes .bin file, or the hardware programmer can accept this .hex file directly. Use the contents of this file to program the first 64k bytes of the MX29LV008TTC top compatible program flash.
3. Mount the flash into board, press and hold * key, boot it into safe mode.
4. In safe mode (, use Palmtool to upgrade PA168S 1.68 file pa168s_sip_us_168000.bin.
After the reply, I changed the discontinued notice in PA1688 page from grey to red at once, and added another red warning in hardware download page as well!
This PA1688-PQ chip marked with 0519 was manufactured on the 19th week of 2005, the last year of PA1688.
PA1688PQ chip on China Roby PB-35 IP phone inside PCB board.

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