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2020-05-23 21:06:52
I tried this safe mode on a Soyo G668 (P1688S) phone but whatever I do, pressing * during boot would only show Page0 on display (or would get stuck with two bars and a * showing on display). I could not connect through palmtool nor the boot process endend letting my press the local IP button to check if it got with the "Page0" message

Tested with SIP firmwares 1.49 and 1.68

To whoever wanna try this, turn power on and press * once within 2 seconds (before the booting bars appear). If you are too slow, just power off and try again.

2020-05-23 20:51:49
I found a simplier way to reset the super password in PA1688 phones

Telnet to it, login with default 1234 password and issue the following commands

set password 1234

The phone will reboot and the super password will be reset to 12345678

Tested with Soyo G688. Thanks to kotl for posting it on

Total: 2 Current: 1-2

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