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AR168M VoIP Module
The highly integrated and low cost AR168M VoIP module is designed to shorten the development cycle for device which need to do voice communication over IP network.
AR168M module brief, hardware manual, FAQ.
Although we provided a sample design to build an IP phone based on 8051+AR168M, this was not what we recommended to do with it, actually single AR1688 is enough for an IP phone. For other applications, user need to define and implement the serial protocols actually used, the communication protocol between 8051 and AR168M in our demo is provided only as a sample.
Here is another IP phone design based on AR168M by Steven when he was an undergraduate student in BUPT. The controler used in this design is MEGA128L.
Comparison table of AR1688 VoIP modules:
Hardware Type Ethernet Program Flash Support(*) 2x16 LCD Support(**) demo UI
AR168M RTL8019AS MT28F016S5 No Yes
AR168MK KSZ8842 SST39VF1681 Yes No
AR168MS RTL8019AS SST39VF1681 Yes No
AR168MT KSZ8842 MT28F016S5 No Yes
AR168L RTL8019AS MT28F016S5 Support ST7565 LCD Yes
(*) Can be changed by LCD_HY1602 define in version.h, but need update special safe mode file from us, because LcdInit function is called in safe mode.
(**) Can be changed by SERIAL_UI or SERIAL_LOOP define in version.h.
We are sorry that AR168M is currently out of stock. Those hoping to have a quick test on the VoIP module functions can buy AR168R RoIP module to do the test.
AR168M VoIP module, AR1688 side.Large
AR168M VoIP module, RTL8019AS and MT28F016S5 side.Large