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AR1688 Reference Settings
Name Referrence Setting Service Provider
iptel iptel_sip_us.html
Palmmicro IP-PBX asterisk_pbx_sip_us.html
SIP2SIP sip2sip_sip_us.html
SIPphone Gizmo5 sipphone_sip_us.html (Google bought it and closed it)
VoipDiscount voipdiscount_sip_us.html
VoIPtalk voiptalk_sip_us.html
Name Referrence Setting Service Provider
Palmmicro IP-PBX asterisk_pbx_iax2_us.html
Settings Tips
Network {Connection Type:PPPoE} {Layer 2 QoS:802.1Q VLAN Tag}
Voice {Preferred Voice Codec:G.726-32/iLBC/Speex Frames per TX} {Voice Activity Detection (VAD)}
SIP Proxy {NAT Traversal: Use STUN Server}
Dial Plan {Use Digit Maps} {Use "#" To Call}
System {Administration Password} {Syslog IP}