SIP Proxy
Dial Plan
Technical Support
Basic Information
Phone Model: gp1266
MAC Address: 00-18-1F-01-C5-8F
OEM Tag:
Version No.: 045008
Network Settings
Connection Type:
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
PPPoE User ID:
Automatically get DNS server IP
Use following DNS server IP
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
Layer 3 QoS: (Diff-Serv or Precedence value)
Layer 2 QoS: 802.1Q VLAN Tag 
  802.1p Priority Value 
Voice Codec Settings
Preferred Voice Codec: Codec 1:      Frames per TX 1:  
  (In listed order) Codec 2:      Frames per TX 2:  
  Codec 3:      Frames per TX 3:  
  Codec 4:      Frames per TX 4:  
  Codec 5:      Frames per TX 5:  
  Codec 6:      Frames per TX 6:  
  Codec 7:      Frames per TX 7:  
( Frames Per TX Range: PCMU, PCMA, iLBC and Speex between 1 and 3; G.726-32, GSM 6.10 and G.729 between 1 and 6 )
iLBC Frame Size: 20ms  30ms
Speex Rate:
Voice Activity Detection (VAD): No  Yes
Automatic Gain Control (AGC): No  Yes
Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC): No  Yes
Basic SIP Proxy Settings
SIP Registration: No  Yes
SIP Server: (IP or URI)
SIP Server Port: (Default 5060)
SIP Domain:
SIP Server As Outbound Proxy: No  Yes
Use DNS SRV: No  Yes
SIP User ID:
SIP Authentication ID:
SIP Authentication PIN:
User Name: (Optional, e.g., Woody Allen)
Advanced SIP Proxy Settings
Local SIP Port: (Default 5060)
Local RTP Port: (Between 1024 and 65535, default 6000)
Register Expiration: (In seconds, default 60s)
Keep Alive Interval: (In seconds, default 20s)
Send DTMF:
DTMF Payload Type: (Between 96 and 127, default 101)
G.726-32 Payload Type: (Between 96 and 127, default 111)
iLBC Payload Type: (Between 96 and 127, default 98)
Speex Payload Type: (Between 96 and 127, default 110)
Message Service Number:
Support PRACK(100rel, RFC3262): No  Yes
Subscribe for MWI: No  Yes
Proxy Require:
NAT Traversal:
STUN Server: (IP or URI)
STUN Server Port: (Default 3478)
Dial Plan Settings
Forward-to Number:
Forward Unconditionally: No  Yes
Forward When Busy: No  Yes
Forward When No Answer: No  Yes
No Answer Timeout: (In seconds, default 60s)
Auto Answer: No  Yes
Call Waiting: No  Yes
Dial Prefix: (It's added to each dialed number)
Hot Line Number: (Number dialed when handset up)
Use Digit Maps: No  Yes
Digit Maps Timeout: (In seconds, default 5s)
Use "#" To Call: No  Yes
System Settings
Administration Password: (Password to enter this web)
Syslog IP:
Handset Input (0-7):
Handset Output (0-31):
Speaker Output (0-31):
Ring Volume (10-31):
Auto Provisioning Server: (IP or URI)
Auto Provisioning Port: (Default 80)
Auto Provisioning Interval: (In minutes, maximum 65535 minutes)
SNTP Server: (IP or URI, e.g,
Time Zone:
Automatically Adjust Clock for Daylight Saving Changes: No  Yes
Technical Support

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