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AR1688 Software 0.57 Test Build
Software download (zipped files):
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July 4, 2012 AR168R RoIP module 0.57.060 SIP English
API 0.57.060 updated on July 4, 2012.
June 1, 2012 GP1266 IP phone 0.57.055 SIP English OEM_MAC Safe Mode English (How to use)
May 4, 2012 AR168R RoIP module 0.57.047 SIP English
May 3, 2012 AR168R RoIP module 0.57.046 SIP English
API 0.57.046 updated on May 3, 2012.
Apr 18, 2012 AR168R working as AR168M module 0.57.037 SIP English OEM_UART
Apr 11, 2012 AR168R RoIP module 0.57.033 SIP English
API 0.57.010 updated on Mar 3, 2012.
API 0.57.006 updated on Feb 25, 2012.
API 0.57.001 updated on Feb 13, 2012.
0.57 changes
1. Added OEM_ROIP compile option for AR168M users to develop RoIP (Radio over IP) without UART functions working.
2. Added OEM_IVRG729 compile option for demo source code of AR1688 G.729 IVR function.
3. Removed requirement of full 64k bytes .dat file when upgrade font and IVR data (using command line "tftp -i put font_xxxxxxxx.dat").
4. Added SyslogAllUdpData function for easy SIP message debug display.
5. Added hardware type AR168MT for VoIP module with KSZ8842 ethernet chip and MT28F016S5 program flash.
6. Added UdpDebugTcpHead function for TCP debug display.
7. Added hardware type AR168R for Radio over IP module.
Known problems:
1. French version display error, other language except English and Chinese might have errors too.
2. SDCC\bin\Manager.exe can not display GB2312 Chinese debug messages when running on Windows 7.