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PalmTool is a Win32 exe running on various Windows system. Do not fooled by its name, PalmTool only works for PA1688 based devices, AR1688 and PA6488 users need other tools like Manager.exe.
Starting from 1.64, PalmTool.exe is compiled in software API Palmh323\bin directory, and can be download together with the API package.
PalmTool usually works in English, but it will display Chinese when running on Chinese Windows systems. When Windows firewall asks if keep blocking PalmTool or not, please definitely answer unblock, please.
PalmTool FAQ.
PalmTool guide.
Аушев С.В. provided a video to do safe mode recovery. He entered safe mode successfully on the 17th seconds, finished file transfer on 01:31, but the upgrade file did not match the hardware type, so the recovery failed this time.