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5111PHONE IP Phone
PA1688 IP phones made by 5111soft in this case either use 5111PHONE or PINGHE software. It can be decided by the label in the back or from the PCB components. Must be careful because some white phones in the same case use other software from Yuxin.
Both phones use menu (SIP IAX2 H323 MGCP) slightly different from our standard design, but the usage of web (SIP IAX2 H323 MGCP) and telnet SIP IAX2 H323 MGCP) are the same.
Front. Those pictures were take by Mohammad Farhadi. This user obviously do not understand Chinese, so he put all those English label on the phone. Large
Back, with MAC address 00-09-45-40-77-5E. Large
PCB. Large
Although most phones made by 5111soft in this case are black, Аушев С.В. provided a white example.
LCD. Large
MAC 00094540CFD0. Large
Internal overview. Large
PCB. Large 1 Large 2 Large 3
Here is an example of HOP-1002, provided by Andi Mappaiyo.
Front. Large
Back. The label here with REV 008 indicates it is a 5111PHONE. If you see REV 004, use PINGHE instead. Large
Board overview. Large
PCB details. We can see it used MX29LV008T program flash, it is a 5111PHONE. PINGHE used MX29F004T. With some engineering sample MX29F040 can also be found, YUXIN software needed at this time. Large
Ethernet details. The Ethernet switch chip used here is DM9081 from Davicom, which is the same as it is in eHOG. Large