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PA168F IP Phone
PA168F is an early version of our standard reference design. This hardware type was only in small quantity of production, but users today can still find them by chance.
Standard reference design IP phone web manual: SIP IAX2 H323 MGCP. Menu manual: SIP IAX2 H323 MGCP. Telnet manual: SIP IAX2 H323 MGCP.
Outside. With our standard software, the function keys work not as those labels printed there.
Inside. To save cost, phones in large quantity do not make keypad using 2-layer boards as this one does. Large
PCB, check the large version for "MX29LV004TTC" program flash as PA168F special mark, and the special AC97 chip "Winbond W83972D" used by this manufacturer.
Above pictures taken by Charles Pillar.