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PA6488 Developer's Guide - IJG JPEG
Camera settings and control functions are provided in web interface with rawvideo.jpg file for direct effect viewing and checking. We need a base line JPEG encoder inside PA6488 software.
IJG JPEG files are used to test part of PA6488 video processing performance.
Optimized JPEG source code provides good example of how to do extra image processing based on PA6488 API.
How to Test
Run "jpegput.bat" from pa6488\bin, all necessary files will be transfer to PA6488 device by TFTP.
On PA6488 device, press key "#9*1" to start JPEG tests, more key test information can be found in pa6488\doc\test.txt.
After JPEG tests finished, run "jpegget.bat" from pa6488\bin, all generate files will be transfer to PC by TFTP.
Run "jpegfc.bat" from pa6488\bin to compare the results.
The detail items of this test varies in different software versions, watch for UDP debug message output carefully.
Coding Details
JPEG test implementation in pa6488\test\testjpeg.c. Message output redirected to DebugPrintf();
JPEG functions prototype in pa6488\include\jpeg.h, lib in pa6488\lib\jpeg.lib, source files provided with API under IJG license terms. Users can compile the lib by themselves.
Check PA6488_IJG define for PA6488 related major changes in source files.
Check JINT16, JUINT16 and JINT32 for PA6488 related others changes in source files. Some of "int" and "unsigned int" changed to "JINT16" and "JUINT16", and all "long" changed to "JINT32".
IJG JPEG release 8c of 16-Jan-2011 is used.