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PA6488 Developer's Guide - G.729 Test Vectors
We are using G.729 test vectors to test if PA6488 hardware is stable.
Run "g729put.bat" from pa6488\bin, all necessary files will be transfer to PA6488 device by TFTP.
On PA6488 device, press key "#9*0" to start G.729 tests, more key test information can be found in pa6488\doc\test.txt.
After G.729 tests finished, run "g729get.bat" from pa6488\bin, all generate files will be transfer to PC by TFTP.
Run "g729fc.bat" from pa6488\bin to compare the results.
Additional batch files "g729encget.bat" and "g729encfc.bat" are used in G.729 encode only tests.
This test is not included in all software version, watch for UDP debug message output carefully.
Test implementation in pa6488\test\testg729ab.c.
G.729 functions prototype in pa6488\include\g729ab.h, lib in pa6488\lib\g729ab.lib, source files not provided with software API.
ITU G.729 Jan 2007 version 1.5 is used, all G.729A and G.729B test vectors are covered.
G.729 on PA6488 is for test ONLY. Can NOT be used in final product as we do not have the related algorithm license.
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