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AR168F IP Phone Hardware Features
Dec 13, 2006
AR168F IP phone hardware reference design is the result of the 4th major hardware design change based on AR1688 chip. And it is the first AR1688 based IP phone hardware design available for all manufacturers. It follows the rules of the ants: when the manufacturer number grows like ants, the phone based on the design will be cheap and everywhere. Actually it is the key reason why "Made in China" is so popular in the world today. To encourage as many manufacturers as possible into the product, we do not charge any extra design fee, any one can get complete hardware reference design with small quantity of chip purchase, as small as one single chip.
We have put many documents of the design on our web download page. For those who do not like to read large pdf files, here is the hardware features summary:
1) Based on AR1688 SoC
2) 2M bytes program flash
3) Realtek RTL8019AS 10Base-T ethernet
4) Optional Realtek RTL8305 10/100Base-T ethernet switch
5) 2x16 English character LCD, with back light LED
6) 29 keys in total, include 12 number keys and 17 function keys
7) Loud speaker phone, with speaker mode LED
8) 2 extra software controlled LED indication (Message and Mute)
9) Support side tone
In short words, AR168F IP phone is an entry level design with ultra low BOM cost. It is going to help VoIP system to replace PSTN phone with almost the same price.

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