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AR168F IP Phone Software Features
Dec 14, 2006
Beijing Palmmicro is actually almost a software company. We have been developing and debugging voice and video over IP related software all those years. It is like a game we play, we always play the same old familiar part, only in a different way each time. Again this time, AR1688 software is written from the beginning blank page. It is not based on any open source or other source software, it is not even based on PA1688 software. Everything is completely new. When we announce AR1688 as the replacement of PA1688, we only mean that it will replace the low end market.
It is quite easy for me to write a long list of software features of AR168F.
1. Automatically get network address by DHCP client
2. Auto provisioning configuration and firmware by HTTP client
3. HTTP server for web configuration, address book, ring tone change and firmware upgrade
4. TFTP server for command line configuration, address book, ring tone change and firmware upgrade
5. Get time and date by SNTP
6. Support DNS
7. Response to ICMP ping request
8. G.711 a law and mu law
9. GSM 6.10
10. iLBC *
11. Speex *
12. G.729 **
13. G.723.1 **
14. G.165/G.168 16ms line echo cancellation
15. Acoustic echo cancellation up to 200ms *
16. Voice activity detection *
17. Comfortable noise generation *
18. Automatically gain control and denoise *
19. Adaptive jitter buffer *
20. Standard DTMF tone generation
21. Call hold, call transfer, call forward
22. 3-way conference support *
23. Up to 4 quick dial
24. Voice message check quick dial
25. Support redial
26. Support flash
27. Support mute
28. Adjustable volume for both handset and speaker phone
29. Complete on phone menu to set all configurations on LCD by keypad
30. Upgradeable ring tone
31. 100 address book entries
32. 10 records each for dialed, answered and missed calls
33. Support hot line
34. Support auto answer for paging and intercom
35. Support call number prefix
36. Message waiting indication LED
37. Mute indication LED
38. Speaker phone mode indication LED
39. LCD back-light LED
40. Support IAX2
41. Support SIP
For those marked with *, the feature is not available at this moment, we are still working on it.
For those marked with **, the feature is not available for the moment, and may have extra codec license fee to its patents holder in the future.

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