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Font in 2x16 Character LCD
Jun 4, 2007
Most AR1688 IP phones are using 2x16 character LCD, because it is cheap and widely available. It usually uses 5x8 font. From 0x20 to 0x7f are standard ASCII characters.
I read the 3 different LCD datasheets in my computer and found none of it is compatible with ISO 8859 for the characters after 0x80. Then I wrote a program to display the actual font in those AR1688 and PA1688 IP phones in my hand. To my surprise, most of them are Japanese characters after 0x80. At first I was thinking why Chinese are so friendly with Japanese, or why Japan is so important to China. Then I realized it was because Japanese first built those 2x16 character LCD chips, we are still trying to be compatible with it today!

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