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Do NOT Upgrade "Long" Ring Tone
Jan 20, 2008
Today I read an email reporting GP1260 phone display error after upgrading a "long" ring tone. Actually most parts of the problem are fully covered in our development guide and on my blog here. I am repeating a few points below:
1. AR1688 ring tone is located in page 2, 3, 4, total 192k bytes, details of its format and how to build it can be found in our software development guide.
2. AR1688 hold music is located in page 5, 6, 7, the format is the same as ring tone.
3. AR1688 font used in dot-matrix display designs (AR168G/GP1260/GP1266/GP2266) is located in page 8, 9, 10, 11
4. When using TFTP to upgrade ring tone and hold music, we will not check file length. This is a back door for us to upgrade font, because there is no special way to upgrade font
5. A ring tone more than 192k bytes will replace hold music. A long ring tone more than 384k bytes will replace font and make dot-matrix display wrong. And a very long ring tone more than 640k bytes will destroy software program space (page 12 - 31) and make the IP phone fail to boot normally, lucky enough, safe mode in page 0 will not be replaced, the phone can still get into safe mode upgrade correct files again.
6. The steps to restore font is explained in details here.

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