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Feb 16, 2008
We were using ISO 8859-1 8x16 ASCII font and GB2312 16x16 Chinese font before recent Turkish support. AR1688 Turkish software version brings us some good questions. For example, what should we do with the 6 different chars' font in ISO 8859-9 for Turkish? What if we need other ISO 8859 font for other languages later? How to find those self defined 5x8 CGRAM font data used in general 2x16 LCD?
The answer, of course, is to find those resources on the internet, where pictures of CGX are flooding these days. I found Markus Kuhn's page and downloaded all those Unicode font for X11, converted the 5x8 font for 2x16 LCD, and 7x14 font for dot-matrix display.
To avoid upgrade font every time user changes different language software version, we added SDCC\src\font.c for ISO 8859 font data, linked it with the upgrade binary file. In this way, ISO 8859-1 font is together with French or English software version, and ISO 8859-9 font is linked with Turkish software version.
There is one thing we do not like so far, the X11 font uses small '+' for '.', makes the dot-matrix display looks strange.
During the work, I also found this perfect place for ISO 8859 information.

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