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AR168M VoIP Module High Level UI Protocols
Mar 29, 2008
With the release of recent 0.30 software, our AR168M VoIP Module is fully ready in both hardware and software. We can ship it in small quantity now.
To test the module, we have used an external 8051 controller to work with the module to build a complete IP phone reference design. The 8051 hardware schematics is available with all other standard AR1688 hardware designs. And the software is open source too, located in SDCC\mcs51, and is also compiled with SDCC. Software API users can use the same SDCC\bin\sdcc.exe to compile both the AR1688 software and 8051 software.
To complete the 8051 based IP phone reference design, we have to define high level UI protocols over the original UART implementations. The well organized 8051 source code is a good point to start with this article, most of the detail UI handling is located in SDCC\mcs51\ui.c.
Welcome to comment and make changes, we are open for all suggestions.
Updated on Dec 18, 2011
Although our VoIP module UI protocols were just for demo purpose at the beginning, they are actually being used in multiple real products now. Last week a Chinese user asked us to add a "logon ok" status indication by UART. He told us that he only used the standard AR168M software. So I added status report command STAT in our demo protocols yesterday.
Updated on Sep 12, 2012
Recently we received a customer's request to add text exchanging function in our RoIP software. So we added the 7th "TEXT" command in our demo protocols.

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