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8051 Software Details
March 30, 2008
Although the IP phone reference design based on AR168M VoIP module and an external 8051 UI controller is for demo purpose, it actually can be used in real production and still maintain a very low BOM cost, because the 8051 we used is also very cost effective. Here is some details of the open source software in SDCC\mcs51.
1. Compile with open source SDCC compiler, using small memory mode
2. Can NOT be upgraded by software on board, need a programmer to make change if needed
3. Interface with 2x16 LCD, 8x6 keys and 4 LEDs
4. Extra 4 LEDs if P4 port is available (on those Winbond devices we are testing)
5. Used 141 bytes of data and idata (means that we actually need a standard 8052 which has 256 bytes internal RAM)
6. Used 2797 bytes of code space, including extended ISO 8859-1 font for 2x16 LCD (a 4K ROM 8052 is enough, cost about 0.5 USD)
7. UART at 19200bps, 8 bit data, 1 stop, no parity check
8. Oscillator at 22.1184MHz

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