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GPIO Control
Sep 3, 2008
In standard AR1688 IP phone hardware reference design, all GPIO are used as key and LED. We only provided high level key and LED control functions in API before software version 0.37.
To our surprise, a new manufacturer does not need those GPIO output LED but needs to use several GPIO as input. To make API simple and reduce code size, we decided to put GPIO control as source code with the release of 0.38 software.
In current API, SDCC\inc\gpio_sfr.h is added, and control example code can be found in SDCC\src\led.c, function.c.
Updated on Sep 15, 2008
We are providing more source code examples on GPIO control along with current 0.39 and 0.40 software development. In SDCC\src directory, isr_gpio.c is added for 5x6 and 7x8 keypad designs, and slic.c is added for AM79R70 SLIC control.
5x6 keypad is used in AR168K and AR168KD IP phone reference designs, both designs are at sampling stage by different manufacturers.
7x8 keypad is used in AR168J.
AM79R70 is used in AR168L and AR168LS 1-port FXS gateway reference designs, which are not ready with software yet.
Updated on Feb 19, 2013
0.60 software removed unmature ATA/Gateway hardware type VER_AR168L/VER_AR168LS and related SLIC code slic.c.
gpio_sfr.h removed in 0.61.002, use sfr.h instead.

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