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Low Cost Phone
Feb 17, 2009
A China service provider is looking for IP phone under 120 RMB. I asked one of our customers if they can handle the business. The answer was, the target price could almost be true if AR1688 is free.
Then I began to think how much a low cost PSTN phone is. Here is the answer after a few hours in the market today: 20 RMB can buy a phone without LCD and 25 can buy a phone with LCD.
Here is the 20 RMB phone photo:
the cheapest PSTN phone case in China market
PA1688 phones used this case:
EP668 IP phone front view
IPH E00 IP phone front view
Primeworx P100
Primeworx P100 IP phone front view
YWH10 IP phone front view

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