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Writing Program Flash
Dec 2, 2010
A GP1266 user and an AR168MS VoIP module manufacturer are both asking how they can write the program flash on their devices, I am writing this blog as a simple guide, all files mentioned here can be downloaded from AR1688 0.49 test software page.
The GP1266 phone with the user can not boot and can not enter safe mode, I must say that it is the first time I heard this kind of problem, usually safe mode will always work. He planed to remove the program flash, write it on an external programmer and solder it back to the phone. And here are the steps:
1. Download the zipped gp1266_sip_us_049016_all.bin, and write it on an general programmer for MT28F016S5 program flash, solder it back to phone. If everything is ok, the phone will boot up with MAC address 00-18-1f-00-00-00
2. Download other zipped files gp1266_sip_us_049016.bin, gp1266_sip_us_mac_049016.bin and gp1266_none_us_049016.bin, change MAC address described here. This step must be done, not only to change the MAC address in settings, but also to generate the MAC checksum in page0. General programmer can only change MAC address but when checksum failed, user may get error debug message like "hardware check failed"
For the manufacturer, although they can perform the steps above too, step 2 will be too much trouble for quantity production. Instead, we sent them an AR168DS programmer based on AR1688 chip, which we made specially to write SST39VF1681 and MX29LV160CB program flash. We also had AR168D programmer for manufacturers with MT28F016S5 flash.
Below is the AR168DS programmer I am using to write this guide.

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