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Interactive Voice Response
March 7, 2011
Last week an AR1688 developer asked if he can add more functions in the phone to read out different voice messages. I added ivr.c today and uploaded 0.51.002 software API to 0.51 test software web page. Based on those, he can do the following complicated steps to make out more from our fading 8-bit system.
1. Record raw PCM voice data using software like CoolEdit, with single channel, 8k sampling, 16-bit format. Current IP address original PCM data can be download from PA1688 page here.
2. Edit each word to 0.58 seconds precisely and save in separate file using CoolEdit. Those data downloaded from PA1688 page need to be edited too, as PA1688 used IVR differently with AR1688.
3. Convert those 0.58 seconds files into G711 mu law (PCMU) format using CoolEdit, each file size now should be 4640 bytes.
4. Copy those files into one file in the order defined in sdcc\include\ar168.h SYSTEM_IVR_XXXX_OFFSET macros.
5. Using sdcc\bin\convert -v to convert step 4 output file into sdcc\src\res\ivr_xx.dat. If the total words number is more than 14, convert.exe need to be changed and recompiled. Search for IVR_FILE_SIZE in sdcc\tool\convert\ source files to find out where to change.
6. IVR data shares flash spaces with Chinese font data, and can be updated same as font.

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