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Are You Stupid or Something?
Aug 26, 2011
I got really mad after I found out one support engineer from an AR1688 and PA1688 device manufacturer did not know how to do AR1688 safe mode recovery after so many years.
At first he copied the upgrade file to a directory, and then he run the command line "tftp -i put xxxxxx_sip_us_048000.bin" in another directory, after getting the error of file not found, he came to ask me on MSN. Because I remember him as the one who only knew to forward end user's question to us and cause false alarm in the past years, I told him that we do not do basic computer operation training.
Then he began to run a Cisco TFTP program and ask me why AR1688 device do not work as others he had handled in the past. I guess he can not understand the difference between TFTP server and client. I had to tell him that we just need the native tftp.exe coming with Windows system and nothing else, and suggest him to use current steady 0.54 version instead of 0.48.
Tired of wasting my time with him, finally I had to find another engineer in his company to show him the way. He got hurt and asked why I insulted him!
Maybe just because I am in a bad mood recently.

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