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AR168M VoIP Module Function Test
Dec 5, 2011
It is 18 months since AR168M VoIP module got out of stock. During this time we got a steady inquiry for it from all over the world. But we always answer "you can build your own board for the test. You see, everything can be downloaded from our hardware web page".
Last month a Bulgaria developer showed us a new way, he bought a GP2266 IP phone to do the VoIP module test by modifying the UART pins himself. The software also need a little change to support the test, and this is the result of 0.55.015 API on the AR1688 0.55 test software page. Starting from this version, AR168G/GP1266/GP2266 IP phone users can use command line like "mk gp2266 sip us uart" to build the UART test software.
Just as building the "real" AR168M/AR168MS/AR168MK module software, in sdcc\include\version.h SERIAL_UI and LCD_HY1602 can not be defined at the same time. For AR168G/GP1266/GP2266, SERIAL_UI and LCD_ST7565 can not be defined as the same time neither.
When SERIAL_UI is defined, the software will run the demo High Level UI Protocols, all display are outputted to external controller and the LCD will not work normally.
When LCD_XXXX is defined, LCD will work normally and user need to develop his own UART communication protocols in sdcc\src\serial.c.
Updated on May 3, 2012
SERIAL_UI and LCD_XXXX can be used together since 0.57.046.

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