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AR168M VoIP Module without UART Functions
Feb 13, 2012
After building their own AR168M hardware and testing carefully with Asterisk, a customer pointed out that the G.729B voice would sometimes get lost completely after exchange of registration message during a call.
This was something new for us. Then we found that they were building RoIP (Radio over IP) functions with AR168M, but without using any external controller for UART communications. After disable UART function on their hardware, problem solved.
It is funny that 2 months ago we were adding UART test functions on IP phones, and now we have to remove UART from AR168M module, which was designed specially for UART control by other controllers which need simple VoIP support..
To generally support AR168M without UART for all users, we added compile option OEM_ROIP since 0.57.001 API on AR1688 0.57 test software page. Command line "mk ar168m sip us roip" will generate AR168M software without UART functions.

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