My First PHP Application

Sep 5, 2010
The first time I heard about PHP was from an AR1688 developer. He told me he had written some PHP script in AR1688 web pages to calculate the total size of the pages in bytes, so the web interface would not fail silently when oversized. Now I knew he was wrong about the PHP part, maybe he meant Javascript.
Some time later, Yahoo Web Hosting service which hosted this website prompted me to upgrade from PHP4 to PHP5. For the second time, I realized that PHP was in my life.
Two months ago I got to know an E-Commercial startup, when I asked what development language they were using, again I had PHP in the answers. I was so happy that I was not completely blank on the phrase, at least I had heard it twice before.
With so many knowledge about PHP, when PA6488 camera manager software CamMan need user management function, I started with PHP on our website at once. Now users can register account to test. As PA6488 based camera is not available in market yet. Users can test the user management function by posting comments on this blog right now. Only registered user can post comment.
And this is my first PHP application: user and blog comment CRUD (Create/Retrieve/Update/Delete).
PHP is the best programming language in the world!

Public IP Address Data

Mar 9, 2017
IP Address Data tool.

Temporary Test User Interface

Apr 10, 2017
Temporary Test urldecode function.

Common Phrase

Dec 26, 2017
Common Phrase

Prime Number Tool

Apr 12, 2019
Prime Number tool.
The picture that encouraged me to write this prime nnumber tool.

Using Cramer's Rule to Solve a Linear System of 2x2 Equations

Sep 5, 2019
Tool to use Cramer's Rule to solve a linear system of 2x2 equations.
Cramer's rule calculation steps
Cramer's rule calculation steps

Simple Linear Regression Tool

Sep 20, 2019
Simple Linear Regression tool.
Linear regression calculation steps
Linear regression calculation steps

Benford's Law

Nov 14, 2019
Benford's Law
Benford's Law equation

Pearson's Chi-squared Test

Nov 15, 2019
Pearson's Chi-squared Test
Pearson's Chi-squared Test equation and curve
Pearson's Chi-squared Test equation and curve

Dice Captcha

Jul 2, 2021
Roblox Dice Captcha tool.
Roblox 4 dices adding to 14 captcha
Roblox 4 dices adding to 14 captcha

Sina Stock Data

Jan 21, 2022
Sina Stock Data debug page after Referer check added.

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