VoIP Loser's Songs

March 23, 2011
People are asking why I uploaded such a tired image as my display picture. Because I like this picture taken on Feb, I always wear a tired smile in recent months.
Also in Feb, I was listening a loser's song South of the Border again and again. It was from Cape No.7 movie. In the movie, several losers in a small Taiwan town formed a local band to perform with a visiting Japanese super star. Yesterday when I was walking near Shenzhen office building, all of a sudden an old melody came up. It was another loser's song Sail Back I used to hear in the spring 20 years ago.
When we started PA1688 VoIP business 10 years ago, we were right that PSTN was to be replaced. However, we were wrong that it was not replaced by VoIP, but by mobile phone.
It was rather clear that mobile phone would win the market when we started AR1688 business 5 years ago. However, we were hoping that we could do some kind of WiFi VoIP device to give customers same mobile experience. I only feel lucky that we did not use external funding to build a dedicated WiFi VoIP chip, thus avoided much larger financial disaster.
2011 is the 3rd year of our PA6488 solution development, I am cautious optimistic about its future. Just as 20 years ago when I first came in Beijing, optimistic about my future.
tired smile on Shenzhen Wutong Mountain

The Way

Jan 18, 2012
The life we live and the life we choose
I watched the movie The Way on a flight several days ago. A few years ago there was another Chinese movie on the same topic of a sorry father trying to finish the task of his dead son, but I like this one more because it has something more.
We all need a way to solve our own problems, walking the Camino de Santiago (The Way of Saint James) might be the way. But in the end, I am glad to see the Dutchman failed to reduce fat and still need to buy a new suit, and the Canadian women failed to quit smoking. This is the life we live.
As an amateur climber, I like the hiking experience from St. Jean Pied de Port to Santiago, hope I can just walk the way without any problem to solve in the future. And I will not say learning Spanish is a bad idea to other people from now on.
The Canadian women, Deborah Kara Unger, is also in the movie The Game, which is one of my favorite movies.

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