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May 9, 2011
With more and more contents in my blog, sometimes I find it necessary to search what topics and details I have written in the past. I saw a google search box in about a year ago. But when I tried to use Google Site Search, I found the sevice charge was at least 100 USD per year and gave up the plan.
During my usage of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster in the past year, I can always see the AdSense and AdWords links. But I did not catch those service details until I read an article about the market promotion business module of 360buy during my trip from Beijing to Shenzhen last week.
I registered the service after I understood AdSense, it took google a week to approve my account. Now I have added the Google search box AdSense for Search and advertisements AdSense for Content in all my blogs, as it is showed on this page at the bottom.
Woody on Bai Hua Shan in 2006

Adsense Anniversary Summary

May 5, 2012
During my first year of Adsense operation, people clicked 50 advertisements while they viewed the 15398 pages of my blogs, contributed 14.97 USD to my google account. As google pays every hundred dollars, I may have the chance to cash out in the year 2019.
According to Analytics, in the same period, 8437 people made 12487 visits to Palmmicro web site, viewed a total of 74210 pages.
Adsense anniversary summary and analytics statistics

AdSense for Search

Oct 4, 2015
Because of GFW, when visit from China, the google search box will cause all Javascript to be delayed for over 1 minute. And according to Adsense, the search box only used for dozens of times in the past 4 and a half years, probably all by myself. For better customer experience, I removed the search box from all other pages, only kept it here.

First Payment from Adsense

Jan 22, 2016
Received an email from Good news! On Jan 21, 2016, we sent you a payment for your Google AdSense earnings. Then I found the 108.11 USD payment proceeding status was already in my Bank of America account.
The first payment from Adsense comes 3 years earlier than I expected in 2012, it is mainly because my SZ162411 Net Value page attracted many stock visitors in the past months. Now the Adsense advertisement page can be show almost 1000 time a day.

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