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Mar 29, 2012
As we are actively adding Zigbee sensors to our PA6488 home security solution, I registered a free Expo pass at DESIGN West 2012 to learn more about this hot topic.
Today is the second day of the Expo, I have already enjoyed a lot of free stuffs including a RL78 Promotion Board from Renesas. And when I was waiting for a free coffee provide by NXP, the man in front of me insisted to "draw a prize" as he did with other companies. The coffee man had to show him that every paper cup was the same, there was no prize to draw, just a free coffee.
Attracted by Microchip's Zigbee product, I attended several free training sessions at its booth. They put a bag with a free Schick HYDRO 5 Power Select razor and some documents on each chair before each session. On the last session today it was rather empty, the 2 chairs on my left side were empty when the session began. While I was planning to carry away one more bag on my left chair when the session ended, a man walked in during the session, sat on the far left chair of mine. At first he put the bag on his chair on top of the bag on the chair in the middle of us. After about 2 minutes, he took the razor out from the top bag on the middle chair and hided it in his another bag. After another 2 minutes, he took another razor out from the bottom bag and hided it in his bag again!

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