Eroda Z1 GPS

Aug 11, 2012
I got a special deal on China Auto Rental yesterday. From Aug 30 to Sep 2, from Beijing to Changsha, 3 days total is 49RMB, with 4000km mileage limitation. To prepare my first long road trip in China, today I went to SEG electronics market to buy a GPS. After shopping for about 1 hour, I got a 7 inch display Eroda Z1 for 300RMB. I bought it because it was bloody cheap and might also help a little with my CSR shares. It is manufactured by QiZheng Electronic and designed by YF Technology, so I am pretty sure there is a CSR GPS chip inside it.
In 2005, when Centrality almost made up it mind to discontinue the PA1688 business. ARM9 CPU from Samsung was one of my choice to replace PA1688. YF Technology was selling the development board of Samsung ARM9 at that time. Alanda and me visited its small office to get more information of the board. I still remember clearly that I told Alanda I could not see any future of this company as soon as we went out. However I was seriously wrong. With their technolody experience with ARM9 and WinCE, when Centrality GPS chip rolled out in 2006, YF quickly became the largest GPS design house in China, and today they are still making good money with Centrality/SiRF/CSR chips.
Eroda Z1 GPS and package.

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