The Interpretation of Sina Stock Data Interface

Dec 25, 2015
I was planning to add the SZ162411 history net value table, and found that the I have almost forgotten the meanings of Sina Chinese stock data interface which was analysed 4 months ago. In case I will forget them again, I am recording it here for future refernce. Current data got from and saved in sz162411.txt as following:
var hq_str_sz162411="华宝油气, 0.502,0.482,0.500,0.503,0.499,0.499,0.500,811593355,406232297.465, 31772194,0.499,4024600,0.498,771800,0.497,854000,0.496,308800,0.495, 6062158,0.500,47389213,0.501,11186263,0.502,13222780,0.503,4471351,0.504, 2015-12-24,15:34:34,00";
After removed double quotation marks, separated by ',', the interpretation of words in the next table.

IndexOriginal DataMeaning
0华宝油气GB2312 coded stock name
10.502Today open
20.482Previous close
30.500Current price, used as today close after market close?
40.503Today high
50.499Today low
60.499Current bid, same as index 11 bid1.
70.500Current ask, same as index 21 ask1.
8811593355Number of shares
9406232297.465Total amount
1031772194Bid1 shares
110.499Bid1 price, same as index 6.
12-194024600,0.498, 771800,0.497, 854000,0.496, 308800,0.495Bid2 to Bid5 shares and price
206062158Ask1 shares
210.500Ask1 price, same as index 7.
22-2947389213,0.501, 11186263,0.502, 13222780,0.503, 4471351,0.504Ask2 to Ask5 shares and price
3200End of data?

The Interpretation of Sina Realtime Future Data Interface

Jan 28, 2016
Recently I added date display in the time field of SZ162411 net value page following the advice of oldwain. So the stock interface recorded last time was usaful this time. But I had to review the future interface format again, and adding this record for future use.
Current data got from and saved in file hf_cl.txt as following:
var hq_str_hf_CL="31.85,1.2719,31.85,31.86,31.88,30.14, 00:24:20,31.45,30.52,40629,0,0,2016-01-28,NYMEX原油";
After removed double quotation marks, separated by ',', the interpretation of words in the next table.

IndexOriginal DataMeaning
031.85Current price
11.2719The percentage of current price change
231.85Bid price
331.86Ask price
431.88Today high
530.14Today low
731.45Last close
830.52Open price
940629Total quantity
100Bid quantity?
110Ask quantity?
13NYMEX原油GB2312 coded name

The Interpretation of Sina Realtime Fund Data Interface

Feb 16, 2016
On 9pm, uqot told me the calculation of SZ162411 Net Value was wrong now. I checked the debug information, and found that automatic calibration was done on 8pm. Current data got from and saved in f_162411.txt as following:
var hq_str_f_162411="华宝兴业标普油气上游股票(QDII-LOF), 0.406,0.406,0.435,2016-02-15,66.2444";
According to the automatic calibration process in php/_qdii.php, when we got the Feb 15 net value of SZ1682411, we would do calibration with the close price of XOP on Feb 15. But US market was closed because of President Day, this process was not done. Net step, we will use the previous trading day data to do the calibration. However, the previous US market trading day, last Friday was a Chinese New Year holiday, Chinese stock market was closed. The SZ162411 net value of previous trading day was before Chinese New Year. So the software did wrong calibration based on the SZ162411 net value of last trading day before Chinese New Year and the XOP close price of last Friday. The bug only occurs when Chinese and US market close continuesly, and we are lucky the past week just fall into this pattern!
First I recoverd the correct parameters by manual calibration, then I added this record in case we will need the fund data in the future.
After removed double quotation marks, separated by ',', the interpretation of words in the next table.

IndexOriginal DataMeaning
0华宝兴业标普油气上游股票(QDII-LOF)GB2312 coded name
10.406Current net value
20.406Accumulated net value
30.435Previous trading day net value

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