Non-Standard PA1688 Based Devices

Aug 6, 2008
There are many good bargains for PA1688 devices on Ebay and Taobao. Internet buyers will find us on internet too, asking for new software and technical support for those devices. We are glad to see a lot of people still using our old products. However, there is always something we can not do.
PA1688 devices made by Koncept, Artdio (IPF-2000) and Myicall did not follow our standard hardware and software reference design, and they did not share those changes with us neither, so we can not provide new software and fix bugs for those devices.
PA1688 devices made by Yuxin, 5111soft and a few others had some changes of their own, those changes are known for us and related software changes are in our database all the time, so we can continue to provide updated software and fix known bugs.
Of course, the easiest to support are those based on our standard hardware and software reference design, like PA168S IP phone, PA168V 1-port FXS gateway. But please understand that PA1688 chip had been discontinued for over 2 years and we are not related with the old chip supplier since that time, we will not continue to implement new features for PA1688 based devices. Technical support now is limited to known bug fixes. We need to focus our development resources on the current AR1688 chip based products.
Non-standard PA1688 based Koncept KE1000 IP phone front picture.

AR1688 Entertainment PA1688 PA3288 PA6488 Palmmicro

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