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PA1688 Device Killer
Feb 25, 2011
A few days ago an user find us by the 00-09-45 MAC address on the back of his phone. I answered the email in the standard way, asking for detail inside and outside pictures of his phone. From the pictures he sent (see below), I guessed it was a standard PA168S IP phone and directed him to PA1688 1.66 software download page. Yesterday he told me his phone now got stuck at "Booting ..." after update.
We are actually familiar with the "Booting ..." problem. Although we never figured out why, we used to sent page0.hex safe mode file and asking user to update it with PalmTool. In most cases this worked, but this time I was reluctant to do so.
I remembered that not long ago another user came up with pictures of IP300 IP phone, I suggested him to upgrade PA168S software, and after he got stuck at "Booting ...", I sent him PA168S page0.hex and suggested him to update. Then the phone got completely dead. It was the second time I killed a PA1688 device by sending out page0.hex. And it was even worse than the first time, as I still do not know what was wrong.
I can only guess maybe it is another none standard PA1688 device, although it looks like PA168S, it actually can not be updated with our standard software. And I am going to show the user this article and ask if he is willing to risk with page0.hex again.
Updated on Feb 26, 2011
A hardware designer from Yuxin read this article and pointed out it was a YWH500 IP phone.
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