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Steps to Upgrade an Old PA168F
Nov 4, 2011
An user emailed us some new pictures of a PA1688 based IP phone and reported it displayed "PA168F" on the LCD. After checking the PCB picture and found "MX29LV004TTC" program flash there, I tend to believe it is based on the early PA168F standard reference design. However, it has much more complicated function keys than PA168F. The manufacturer might have developed some of their own software for those keys. Today we can only try the standard PA168F software in the hope of those basic digital keys will work normally.
Even with standard PA168F, we may still meet problem to upgrade it with current software release 1.66. Because of a stupid decision with our early software development, we changed the booting sequence for PA168F, now we need to do some special steps to bring the PA168F software up to date.
I have uploaded PA168F "SIP English" and "Safe mode file" to 1.67 test software page. User can first try to upgrade the SIP English file normally by PalmTool or web interface. After upgrade, if it can not boot up, for example stuck at "Booting ...", we can fix it in the following way:
Do similar steps 1 to 4 described here, force PA168F into safe mode. Select PalmTool "PFlash Page" to "page0", "PFlash Type" to "AM29LV004T", "IP Address in Chip" to "", and use "Update PFlash" to update safe mode file page0.hex.
Another interesting point of this phone is that it uses Winbond W83972D as the AC97 chip. Considering we had so many trouble sourcing Wolfson WM9703/WM9707 replacement for our customers during 2004, I hope I had seen this board a long long time ago!
PCB Large View

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