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The End of IAX2
Nov 13, 2011
Yesterday Tang Li fixed an IAX2 outgoing voice bug when used as callee. This bug was the result of 1.57 changes back in 4 and a half years ago. An user added remote ring back tone for IAX2 and we merged the source code changes without careful test.
It is surprising this obvious bug was not found until recently reported by another user. Considering that our website has very steady visitors about 1k per month, and over half of them are looking for PA1688 software update, the only explanation would be that nobody is interested in IAX2 any more.
We were proudly to support 7 different communication protocols in PA1688, but wisely reduced to SIP and IAX2 only with AR1688. As video and voice over IP market getting mature today, now I believe SIP will be the only one we need to support with the coming PA6488 solution.

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