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Email Records: the Death of an AudioPlus VOIP616 IP Phone
Feb 10, 2012
2012/2/6 17:41 ezfy I have a phone like this one in hand. The original firmware was PA168T 1.38.009. Last night I tried to upgrade new software and it got stuck at "Booting ...". Now I can still enter safe mode. Do you have correct firmware there? Thanks.
2012/2/6 17:50 woody Please send the complete detail image of your PCB board to support@palmmicro.com, we will figure out what upgrade software to use.
2012/2/6 21:40 ezfy I opened it and shot the pictures, please check attachment.
2012/2/6 22:07 woody Try to download PA168T 1.68 software, and upgrade it from safe mode.
2012/2/6 22:30 ezfy I was using the same firmware and it got stuck.
2012/2/6 23:42 woody Go to 1.69 page and download PA168T 1.69.001 safe mode file, then update it using PalmTool. Find similar steps here.
2012/2/7 19:39 ezfy After I updated the safe mode file you provided, the LCD showed 100% all the time. I waited for a long time before power down and reboot, now I can not even enter safe mode. Crying ... it looks like completely dead.
2012/2/7 20:26 woody From the pictures I thought it was PA168T. However, from what you tested, I guess it is another none standard device based on PA1688.

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