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Redial Key as Mute Key
Feb 10, 2013
I received an email last month:
First, let me thank you for making the pa1688 source code available.
I have a few 5111PHONE units, and they've been working quite well for nearly ten years. However, I have often wished that they had a mute button.
I spend a lot of time on conference calls, and I like to put them on speaker while I half-listen. It is usually a good idea to mute the microphone for obvious reasons ...
... so I have assigned a mute function to the redial button. It's not likely that I will need to redial the previous number while on a call, so it seemed the logical thing to do.
Diff attached. I'd appreciate it if you were to incorporate some version of the patch into your repository, so that I won't have to manually patch the source when I update the firmware.
Thanks again for making the source code free.

I merged the changes happily and wondered why such a good idea was not implemented in the past 10 years. Soon I found that in our standard PA168S software, Service IP key was used as Mute key, just in the same way.
As Redial key is much more common, and usually occupies a better position, I applied the changes into 1.69 software for all PA1688 phones.
Then I checked AR1688 phones, and found that each one had a separate Mute key. Obviously we had made some sort of progress when we design AR1688 solution 7 years ago!
The official picture of 5111PHONE provided by 5111SOFT.
The official picture of 5111PHONE provided by 5111SOFT.

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