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First, let me thank you for making the pa1688 source code available. (首先, 谢谢你们pa1688源代码公开的举措.)
I have a few 5111PHONE units, and they've been working quite well for nearly ten years. However, I have often wished that they had a mute button. (我手头有几台5111PHONE电话, 在过去接近10年中一直工作得相当好. 但是, 我经常希望它们有一个静音键.)
I spend a lot of time on conference calls, and I like to put them on speaker while I half-listen. It is usually a good idea to mute the microphone for obvious reasons ... (我在会议电话中度过了很多时间, 当我只是在听的时候, 我喜欢把电话放到免提上. 由于显而易见的原因, 把麦克风静音会是个好主意 ...)
... so I have assigned a mute function to the redial button. It's not likely that I will need to redial the previous number while on a call, so it seemed the logical thing to do. (... 于是我用重拨键实现了静音功能. 因为我不太可能会在打电话的时候重拨上一个号码, 这看起来是个合理的方案.)
Diff attached. I'd appreciate it if you were to incorporate some version of the patch into your repository, so that I won't have to manually patch the source when I update the firmware. (附件中是改动的代码. 我希望你能够把这个改动用到你的版本中, 这样我下次升级软件的时候不用再手工做这个修改了.)
Thanks again for making the source code free. (再一次感谢自由软件.)

我高兴的合并了他的改动, 并且觉得奇怪为什么这么好的主意在过去10年中没有被实现过. 很快我发现我们标准的PA168S软件中, 服务IP键按照完全相同的方式被复用成了静音键.
由于重拨键更为常见, 而且通常占据着更好的位置, 我把这个功能用在了所有PA1688电话的1.69后软件版本中.
然后我检查了AR1688电话, 很欣慰的发现它们全部都有一个单独的静音键. 显然在我们7年前设计AR1688方案的时候, 还是多少有了些长进的!
The official picture of 5111PHONE provided by 5111SOFT.

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