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From PA1688 to PA6488 - Upgrade Software Name
Aug 16, 2009
Both PA1688 and AR1688 upgrade software name use the same name rules. In the format looks like xxxxxx_yyyy_zz_vvvvvv.bin or xxxxxx_yyyy_zz_oooooo_vvvvvv.bin.
The detail name comes from software API include\version.h, where xxxxxx is from hardware board name define VER_XXXXXX, yyyy from software protocol define CALL_YYYY, zz from ISO 3166 resource define RES_ZZ and oooooo from special OEM_OOOOOO define. The "oooooo" field is only in the name when special software implementation inside the upgrade file.
With PA6488, we are putting different protocols like SIP and IAX2 into the same upgrade software file. The CALL_YYYY and "yyyy" fields are removed from both version.h and software file name. As CALL_NONE was used for safe mode recovery with PA1688 and AR1688, we are adding special OEM_SAFEMODE to replace it. In this way, a name like "pa648c_us_010023.bin" means the 0.10.023 version English upgrade file for PA648C video compression module, and "pa648b_cn_safemode_002034.bin" is 0.02.034 Chinese version for PA648B development board special safe mode recovery purpose.

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