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PA648C Video Compression Module
Aug 19, 2009
PA648C is the first product based on PA6488, the third generation video and voice over IP platform from Palmmicro. The video compression module provides a quick and low cost way to put existing analog video source to the internet.
Hardware interface:
1 Analog video from 1 composite video input.
2 Digital compressed video data communication by 10/100Mbps ethernet with 1 RJ45 port.
3 Powered by 12V DC adapter.
4 Extra pins on module to provide audio, serial port, GPIO and display interface.
5 H.264 constrained baseline profile compression, CIF (352x288) to D1 resolution at 30 frames per second.
6 Optional open source Speex voice compression for users with extended audio hardware.
7 SIP/RTP protocol support for media streaming. Optional IAX2 support.
8 Provides software API for users to develop their own streaming protocols.
9 Module software upgrade and configuration by web browser.

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