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From PA1688 to PA6488 - Upgrade Software Size
Aug 25, 2009
The size of most PA1688 upgrade file is fixed at 960k bytes. It takes our private PalmTool more than 1 minute to complete an upgrade process.
AR1688 upgrade software size is fixed at 640k bytes. Depending on different hardware boards, it needs about 10 to 20 seconds to do an upgrade by TFTP.
Both PA1688 and AR1688 need the upgrade software size to be fixed because both 8-bit controllers need bank switching to support code size larger than 64k bytes, and we have to pre-arrange everything on the entire program flash.
With 64-bit PA6488 things are different, it has a 32-bit flat memory space for everything. So we can have any length of upgrade files now, from less than 64k bytes to 1280k bytes. When upgrade, we only write those program flash parts we need, the upgrade process is so fast that right now we are trying our best to get used to it!

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